Criminal Law

Faults, fraud, injury, maltreatment.

expert injury and maltreatment lawyer

Nowadays more than eighty per cent of legal matters are related to criminal law because there are many types of behaviour we consider normal that constitute a crime. Below are some examples:

- To drive a vehicle after drinking two or three glasses of beer or wine may be enough to get eight months in prison and to be caught without the right to drive a vehicle could lead to some months in prison especially in repeated cases.

- Refusing to blow for an alcohol rate test may be enough to recieve a sentence of some months in prison.

- A fight may include several criminal offences such as damages, threats, insults, and may attract a fine or even a prison sentence.

- To cut the supplies (water and electricity) to the tenant is a minor offence of coercion, because of the intention to force someone to leave their rented accomodation.

- To receive money for a matter and use it for other purposes than what was originally intended may be considered a crime of misappropriation of funds.

There are many other examples that may lead us to go to court.

It is very important to obtain the right legal advice in this area if you do not want to be sentenced to pay a fine or to go to prison... and in cases where a sentence is recieved you will have criminal record.

We offer our professional experience and advice relating to a number of minor offences including: damages, insults, threat, domestic violence, coercions) and for the more serious offences of: fraud, misappropriation of funds, driving after drinking alcohol, drugs, falsification).

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